Abandoned Movie Explained: Facing the Bitter Truth

Abandoned Movie Explained: Facing the Bitter Truth

Abandoned Movie Explained

“Abandoned,” a film that kicks off a director’s career, finds itself navigating the treacherous waters of horror with a tale that promises intrigue but delivers disappointment. The movie revolves around a young mother’s pursuit of the joys of motherhood in a new home, only to uncover dark secrets that shatter the illusion of a peaceful life. In this article, we delve into the details of “Abandoned,” exploring its synopsis and dissecting the intricacies of the ending that left viewers with a sense of dissatisfaction.

About Abandoned Movie

Directed bySpencer Squire
Written byErik Patterson, Jessica Scott
Produced byRobert Ogden Barnum, Eric Binns, Emma Roberts, Byron Wetzel, Jessica Tissera, Jason Tissera
StarringEmma Roberts, John Gallagher Jr., Michael Shannon
CinematographyCorey C. Waters
Music byMichelle Osis
Release dateJune 17, 2022
Running time102 minutes
CountryUnited States
Box office$96,761

Abandoned Synopsis:

The narrative unfolds as a young couple, Sarah and Alex, with their son Liam, move to a farm in the countryside, seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Despite the ominous history of the house, marked by a tragic incident involving suicide and murder, the family decides to settle in. As the story progresses, it becomes evident that Sarah is grappling with postpartum depression and borderline psychosis, seeking solace in the simplicity of rural living.

The plot thickens when the couple discovers a locked room in their new home, revealing the tragic history of a young girl named Anna, who committed heinous acts before taking her own life. The revelation of Sarah’s physical resemblance to Anna, coupled with encounters with a gloomy neighbor named Runner, sets the stage for supernatural occurrences and a descent into psychological horror.

Abandoned Movie Ending Explained:

The climax takes an unexpected turn when Sarah, lured by the sound of Liam’s voice from a closet hole, finds herself in a loft room. There, she encounters two boys who resemble teenagers, claiming to be the sons of Robert, the previous owner of the house. The children accuse Sarah of attempting to harm Liam, leading to a tense standoff. As the older boy raises an axe, the screen cuts to black, leaving the fate of the characters hanging in the balance.

The subsequent scene depicts a new morning, where Sarah, now seemingly free from her post-natal trauma, is seen holding Liam warmly. The family is happily reunited, and Sarah is revealed to be pregnant with their second child. The film closes with a subtle nod between Sarah and Runner, suggesting a potential resolution to the haunting presence of the two boys.

Interpretation and Critique:

“Abandoned” is criticized for its superficial narrative and the lack of depth in conveying its intended message. The film’s attempt to blend horror with psychological elements falls short, resulting in a disappointing viewing experience. The ambiguity surrounding the fate of the two boys adds an unsatisfying layer to the conclusion, leaving viewers questioning the director’s choices.

The film’s exploration of postpartum depression and supernatural elements lacks the necessary nuance to make a lasting impact. While the ending attempts to tie up loose ends, it leaves much to be desired in terms of emotional resonance and narrative coherence.


“Abandoned” may have started as a hopeful venture for a budding director, but it ultimately falls prey to its own shortcomings. The film’s lackluster execution and underdeveloped themes make it a skippable experience for all but the most ardent horror genre enthusiasts. As viewers, we are left with a sense of abandonment, not by the characters in the film, but by the film itself, which fails to deliver on its promises and leaves us yearning for a more fulfilling cinematic experience.

What is the premise of the movie “Abandoned”?

“Abandoned” follows a young couple, Sarah and Alex, as they move to a countryside farm, only to uncover dark secrets tied to a tragic history within their new home.

What is the main conflict in the movie?

The main conflict revolves around Sarah’s struggle with postpartum depression and her discovery of a locked room revealing the disturbing past of the house’s previous inhabitants.

How does the movie blend horror and psychological elements?

“Abandoned” attempts to blend horror with psychological elements through supernatural occurrences, a haunted house, and the protagonist’s battle with mental health issues.

What happens in the ending of “Abandoned”?

The ending leaves the fate of two ghostly boys ambiguous, as the film concludes with Sarah seemingly overcoming her trauma and hints at a potential resolution with the mysterious neighbour.

Is “Abandoned” recommended for horror enthusiasts?

The movie is considered disappointing and skippable, offering little value even for those who closely identify with the horror genre.

What is the significance of the locked room in the movie?

The locked room reveals the tragic history of a girl named Anna, her father Robert, and the horrific events that transpired 40 years ago, influencing the supernatural occurrences in the present.

How does the film address postpartum depression?

The film explores postpartum depression through Sarah’s character, depicting her struggles to connect with her son and the impact of her mental health on the unfolding events in the haunted house.

Why is “Abandoned” criticized by viewers and critics?

“Abandoned” receives criticism for its superficial narrative, lack of depth in conveying intended themes, and an unsatisfying ending that leaves viewers questioning the director’s choices.

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