Doona Ending Explained

Doona Ending Explained

Doona Ending Explained

In the final episode, the series is artfully crafted to evoke a feeling of wistful reminiscence as characters move on with their lives. Won-jun eventually moves out of his old apartment to focus on his studies, while Doona makes a comeback in K-pop, debuting as a solo idol. In 2023, Won-jun decides to end their relationship, despite Doona’s desire to fight for it. The growing emotional distance between them ultimately leads to their breakup. Won-jun’s friends also move forward with their lives, becoming occupied with their busy schedules and jobs.

About Doona Korean Drama

Literal meaningLee Doo-na!
Revised RomanizationLee Du-na!
Created bySong Kyung-hwa
Based onThe Girl Downstairs
by Min Song-ah
Developed byStudio Dragon
Written byJang Yoo-ha
Directed byLee Jeong-hyo
StarringBae SuzyYang Se-jong
Music byNam Hye-seung
Country of originSouth Korea
Original languageKorean
No. of episodes9

Years later, Doona prepares to release a new album, prompting Won-jun and the others to reunite for a final gathering at their old residence. However, the absence of Doona makes the reunion feel somewhat incomplete. Won-jun shares updates about his job interviews and the possibility of securing a good job with his friends. After bidding them farewell, he returns to the dormitory to retrieve his jacket, only to unexpectedly find Doona there. They decide to go out for drinks and part ways later.

Despite her success, Doona remains heartbroken and takes the opportunity to confront Won-jun about their past breakup. During their argument, Doona expresses that she no longer needs a man in her life, but her lingering emotions lead her to urge Won-jun to apologize for his past actions. In turn, Won-jun acknowledges his regrets about the way he handled their relationship, and they share a hug, as if this were their closure after all those years.

In 2027, Won-jun fulfills his dream while Doona’s fame continues to rise. The final episode highlights the growing gap between their lives as their paths diverge. The series concludes in Japan, where Doona arrives for an event and is welcomed by an enthusiastic crowd of fans. In the same location, we see Won-jun, who appears noticeably happier than before. Although they come close to crossing paths, they ultimately do not meet face to face and continue walking in opposite directions along the same path.

In a subtle moment, Gena briefly turns back, as if to catch a glimpse of Won-jun, but it remains uncertain whether she saw him or simply sensed his presence. Regardless, both continue walking forward in different directions. The intriguing twist lies in the possibility that they may have secretly maintained a relationship, pretending not to know each other in public.

As we rewatch the opening scene from Episode 9, it could also be inferred that they reunite after the final scene in the last episode to work on their relationship again. The series leaves this aspect open to interpretation, emphasizing that life is full of unexpected twists. In any case, both characters are shown to be thriving, providing a sense of hope and a non-sad ending.

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