Leave The World Behind Explained

Leave The World Behind Explained

Recently, Netflix released a new movie called ‘Leave the World Behind’ that is currently trending all over social media. The reason this movie is trending is because it tells a shocking story about the end of the world. While there are plenty of movies about the end of the world, the way the world ends in this movie hits differently as it all seems like a plausible outcome.

Movie -Leave The World Behind Explained

I want to warn you that there will be spoilers in this video. I also want to make it clear that I am not trying to shock or scare any of you with this information I’m presenting in this video. I simply want to reveal the hidden messages and symbols that are in this movie to show what this movie is telling us.


This movie seems to continue the very theme of an apocalyptic event unfolding. The movie is about a family of four who live in New York City taking a vacation at a luxury home in Long Island they rented through Airbnb. While the family is on their vacation, strange things start to happen, like a massive cargo ship crashing into a beach they were at at full speed.

Later that night, they had an unexpected guest arrive – a man named George and his daughter, who revealed themselves as the owners of the home the family had rented. George and his daughter were seeking safety in their home as they were witnessing strange activities happening in the city.

The World in Chaos

While the wife, played by Julia Roberts, tried to deny George, the husband allowed him to stay, and things only became weirder and weirder. While this was happening, the internet and TV signals started to fail, leaving the family in the dark about what was going on. Not long after, the family discovers that the country is being attacked by cyber attacks from opposing countries.

These opposing countries launched cyber attacks on the US that led to all that is seen in the movie. The movie ends with Rose, the daughter of the family, finding a doomsday bunker in the basement of the neighbor’s home, ending the movie with a cliffhanger. The movie didn’t end with a definitive ending, which left many viewers of the movie upset.

Background and Filmmaking Insights

What these people don’t know is that this was done on purpose by the filmmakers, and I will explain exactly why later in this video. Now, before I start revealing the hidden message of this movie, I first need to reveal a few of the facts behind this movie.

This movie is actually an adaptation of a book by the same name that was released back in 2020. The book was one of three books written by Roman Adam. This is extremely important, as we know how the world forever changed in 2020. I don’t think this book being released in 2020 about the end was a coincidence at all. Knowing the book was released in 2020, the same year the world forever changed makes something shown on the movie poster very interesting to me.

Political Endorsement and Filmmaking Process

When we look at the poster for this movie, you will see that they hinted at the world now being different. On the movie poster, it states, ‘There’s no going back to normal.’ It’s not hard to notice that everything has been different since 2020, and it doesn’t seem like things would ever go back to normal like it’s implied on this cover.

Another thing that’s interesting about this book is that Barack Obama actually recommended this book, putting it on the list of books people must read in 2021. Obama liked this book so much that he chose to make it into a movie. If you didn’t know already, Obama’s actually behind the book being turned into a movie, as the production company Higher Ground Productions that produced this movie is owned by Barack and Michelle Obama.

Presidential Involvement and Script Corrections

What’s even more interesting about this was the fact that Obama actually sent over written notes to the director Sam Esmail, helping him make the movie as real as possible. According to Esmail, he thought he had exaggerated the events of the movie to the point where they strayed too far away from what would actually happen in real life if this situation were to actually happen.

According to Obama, this wasn’t the case at all, as he felt it was only off by a bit, which he helped Sam correct. Sam was actually quoted saying this in an interview back in September:

‘In the original drafts of the script, I definitely pushed things a lot further than they were in the film, and President Obama, having the experience he does have, was able to ground me a little bit on how things might unfold in reality. I am writing what I think is fiction for the most part. I’m trying to keep it as true to life as possible, but I’m exaggerating and demonstrating. And to hear an ex-president say you’re off by a few details, I thought I was off by a lot. The fact that he said that scared the [expletive] out of me.’

Masonic Programming and Symbolism

This is extremely important, and no one should let it go over their heads. We know Hollywood loves foreshadowing what would happen, and I believe this is exactly what this movie was created for. I hope you’re taking notes. This movie is about the end of the old order of life, which is based on a book that was released back in 2020 when the old way of life was actually destroyed.

The movie was analyzed and corrected by a former president to make it more accurate. Knowing this is Masonic programming, I knew there would be plenty of occult symbols and references all throughout this movie. The first occult reference I caught was again on the poster for the movie. If you look at the top of the poster where the actors’ names are presented, you can find a hidden reference to a pagan deity worshipped by many occultists. If you look hard enough at the names, you can spot it there.

Occult References and Masonic Symbolism (Leave the World Behind Baal)

The names are lined up perfectly to spell out ‘Baal.’ In the movie Leave the World Behind Baal is a pagan deity originally worshipped by the Canaanites. Back then, child ritual offerings were made to this God for blessings. To this day, occultists worship Baal, and we can clearly see a reference to that in this movie. There is no way this was done by accident, just like we saw with Baphomet last year. These occultists are showing praise to the pagan deity they worship.

We can find another occult reference at the beginning of the movie when the husband, played by Ethan Hawke, is shown waking up in the room. We can clearly spot ‘666’ hidden in the scene. If we look closely, we can see a six on a coffee mug, a six on a clock, and a six on an alarm clock. Subtle but clearly visible, just like the Baal reference.

Masonic All-Seeing Eye and New World Order

The next Masonic reference we see is when the family arrives at the home. We can briefly see a painting with eyes all over it. We know this is a reference to the Masonic all-seeing eye. The eyes are also blue, just like the Blue Lodge in Masonry.

Another scene with obvious Masonic references is a scene that most of you probably saw when Mahershala Ali tells Julia Roberts that one of his clients told him about a secret meeting that takes place every year during the winter solstice, hosted by the evil cabal that runs the world.

A few years back, one of my clients invited me and my wife to a private event. My client, well, I won’t say his name, but you’d recognize it though. He’s a celebrity. I know, nothing like that, but in the business world, he’s one of the biggest out there. So he takes me to a sub, he eventually starts in, how much he likes me and how he wishes he could invite me on a trip he’s about to go on.

Revelations about the Evil Cabal

“What kind of trip?” I ask. He wanted me to move around some of his money, and we’re talking some big numbers, even for him. And as we’re getting off the phone, asked if he wanted to grab a drink, he tells me he’s going away for a while. I joke back to him, ‘Oh yeah, you hanging with your evil cabal this weekend?’ Or something like that. He doesn’t laugh, and he always laughs with bad jokes, only he said was, ‘Take care of yourself,’ almost as if he felt sorry for me.

The conspiracy theory about a shadowy people running around the world is far too lazy of an explanation, especially when the truth is scary. No one is in control. As you heard for yourself, this movie openly puts it out there that those who run the world are a part of an evil cabal. He also mentions the fact that these people are warned in advance about events like this in order to prepare.

In another scene, Mahershala Ali also tells Ethan Hawke that what was going on in the movie was a three-part plan created to destroy a country. The obvious reason they’re able to warn their own people about this is because they’re the ones behind these things happening in the first place.

Global Warfare and World War III

In the movie, America is being cyber-attacked by several outside forces who oppose America. There’s a scene with Kevin Bacon where they talk about these flyers that drones are dropping from the sky. These flyers have messages on them in foreign languages. This is when they realize it could be several countries attacking them, as Kevin Bacon stated something around the lines of, ‘It looks like all the countries that have problems with America teamed up to attack.’ This means this movie is essentially about the start of World War III.

What’s interesting about this is if you saw my video on Albert Pike, then you would know that he wrote about three great wars that needed to happen in order to bring in the New World Order.

Symbolic Imagery and the End of the Old Order

There are other scenes that refer to the start of the new world, like the scene where the son’s teeth start falling out of his mouth. It is believed that dreaming about teeth falling out of your mouth is a sign of rebirth for a new start. This is exactly what this movie is showing. It shows the events that would end the old order of life and begin the new Masonic world.

Conclusion for Leave The World Behind Explained

Everything in this movie points to this change, from the teeth falling out to the shirt that says ‘obey,’ which points to a totalitarian future they want to enable. This movie was full of these obvious references. Let me know what you guys thought about this movie below in the comment section. Let me know if you think I missed anything as well. That’s it for this article. Thank you.

What is “Leave The World Behind” Explained about?

“Leave The World Behind Explained” provides a comprehensive breakdown and analysis of the plot, characters, and key themes of the film or book “Leave The World Behind.”

Is it a spoiler-free explanation?

No, “Leave The World Behind Explained” may contain spoilers as it delves into specific details and interpretations of the narrative, offering a deeper understanding for those who have already experienced the story.

What does the ending of “Leave the World Behind” mean?

The movie’s ending is left ambiguous, concluding with Rose, the daughter, discovering a doomsday bunker in the neighbor’s basement. This cliffhanger leaves viewers questioning the family’s fate and the larger implications of the apocalyptic events portrayed in the film.

What’s the point of “Leave the World Behind”?

“Leave the World Behind” explores the theme of an apocalyptic event unfolding, focusing on a family’s experience during strange occurrences and cyber attacks. The movie delves into the breakdown of societal norms, the impact of global warfare, and the potential for a new world order.

Will there be a part 2 of “Leave the World Behind”?

The information provided does not confirm the existence of a sequel or part 2 for “Leave the World Behind.” Additional sources or updates from the filmmakers would be required to determine if a sequel is planned.

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