No One Will Save You Ending Explained | No One Can Save You Explained

No One Will Save You Ending Explained | No One Can Save You Explained

No One Will Save You Ending Explained

About No One Will Save You Movie

Movie NameNo One Will Save You (No One Can Save You)
Directed byBrian Duffield
Written byBrian Duffield
Produced byTim White, Trevor White, Allan Mandelbaum, Brian Duffield
StarringKaitlyn Dever
CinematographyAaron Morton
Edited byGabriel Fleming
Music byJoseph Trapanese
Production Companies20th Century Studios, Star Thrower Entertainment
Distributed byHulu
Release DatesSeptember 19, 2023 (select theaters)<br>September 22, 2023 (United States)
Running Time93 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$22.8 million

A young woman finds solace within the walls of the home where she grew up and tells she’s awakened one night by strange noises from unearthly intruders – yep, aliens. First off, thank you all for submitting so many requests for this one. I do read pretty much everything you all send me, and I do pay attention. A ton of you wanted me to cover this one, so here we are. I can see why because the ending is quite odd and leaves us with a ton of questions.

I quite enjoyed this one, and even the idea of combining a home invasion flick with an alien invasion flick is a novel one. I appreciate how it kind of tweaks the same kind of home invader tropes but done through the alien lens. This time it’s not just some guy with a knife that’s a threat but instead mysterious and extra powerful aliens that look ripped right out of the most classic interpretations. The mystery aspect helps keep us on our toes because we, like Bren, don’t know what these dudes are even capable of.

Also impressively, the movie works with almost no dialogue over the entire runtime. So let’s check out ‘No One Will Save You,’ breaking down the story, including what we learn about the aliens, as well as explaining the admittedly confusing ending.

At a cabin nestled in the woods, Bren is seen living a quiet and solitary life. It seems that leaving her home actually causes her some distress. Her practicing smiling in the mirror before soon giving up. She trots downstairs and takes in her quite impressive little town display, which appears to be a recreation of the town in which she lives. She steps outside with a sigh and spots a strange round patch of missing grass. Thinking nothing of it, she drags the hose out to water the area.

In the car, she psyches herself up once more before hitting the road. She comes to a stop and gives some guy a quite pained wave. He doesn’t respond whatsoever, coldly turning away. Uninterested in town, they’re not much more friendly, and she even hides her face when passing by others. We’re not exactly sure why yet, but it definitely looks like the town has completely shunned Bren.

She pays a visit to her mother’s grave, and she has passed quite recently. She tries once more in earnest to interact with some folks, but they turn silent and stare her down. Another couple catches her eyes, and she hides behind a car to spy on them. The woman caresses the man’s face. Bren starts getting overwhelmed at the sight and does her best to hold back her emotions.

Out at the lakeside, she writes a letter to Mod, detailing that she saw her parents, must have been who she was spying on. A mail truck approaches, and she perks up with a big smile. The driver tosses out the package carelessly like a basketball to cheers from no one. She settles back into her solo routine and sets out some feet pattern to learn how to dance, accompanied by a particular old tune.

The package was yet another building for her growing tiny city, which she nestles into its place. The days are blending together. She continues in the letter to Mod, ‘I can’t believe it’s been 10 years.’ She really does enjoy her solitude, and even when the phone rings, she immediately hangs it up. ‘No outside world for me, thank you,’ she concludes her letter to Mod, lamenting that she wishes she could try something that she’s made and doesn’t think she can ever forgive herself.

There’s a photo of the two of them together along with ‘BFF’ inscribed. Sure sounds like there was some kind of accident that involved her demise. She settles into bed with a book before giving in to sleep. Another peaceful day done. Well, that peace is short-lived. We float around the house hearing a low droning, and it goes right for the roof. A creature is heard humming to them, and they click on all the lights at once, and the record she was dancing to resumes.

Bren is still asleep, and the lights cut back to darkness. A loud clatter stirs her awake, spotting something digging through the trash cans. She goes to investigate, finding the light switch doesn’t work. Downstairs, she sees the front door is wide open, swaying in the breeze. Footsteps approach, and the creature wanders in, clicking and making other weird noises.

She freaks and tries to stay silent. It zips back outside, seeing its shadow pass by on the window. Bren carefully steps back and lands right on a creaky floorboard. The noise draws the creature back, growling and scampering inside. She retreats to her room and makes even more telltale noises. Jeez, try to stay quiet, lady. We hear the creature rapidly approaching, and it flings the door open just as she leaps to the other side of the bed.

She slinks under the mattress, and the creature climbs right on top, sniffing curiously. We also see its finger-like feet, with each tendril operating on its own. It lets out a loud bellow, perhaps a signal to others, and it scampers out the window. Bren locks it up and takes a moment to catch her breath. Like, yeah, that actually happened. Alien dude, come about my.

She goes to search the house, hearing thuds from overhead. It must be on the roof. She makes a break for it, hearing its footsteps rapidly approaching. She manages to close the door and lock it, and the alien responds by messing with the electricity again. She hurriedly unplugs the TV and slams the record player close to stop it. Her little village is still rapidly blinking, and after unplugging that too, the creature lets out another irritated growl.

About to make a phone call, a loud tone takes over, and the fridge doors start opening and closing on their own. She spots it coming down the stairs and finds a spot to hide. The creature comes to the still-hanging receiver, and to her surprise, hangs it up. Seeing its obscured visage in the metal, it sees her too, flinging the door and trapping her behind it. Well, they definitely have telekinetic powers too. Good to know.

It stomps over, seeing its finger-feet right there. It reaches its long fingers over the top. Bren, totally freaking out, starts to poke its head over, and she shoves the door back, knocking the alien away. But this also pisses it off, launching a telekinetic assault, making stuff go haywire and flying all over the dang place. The door launches right off its hinges and smacks her in the face.

She painfully crawls away as the creature rounds the corner. It turns the lights back on and sends a table flying, destroying most of her village. It can pull her as well, dragging her along the floor. It spins her a bunch of times and turns her to face it, getting a real close look at the very classic alien design, gray big eyes and all that. She gets it in the head with a piece from a building. It gurgles and soon slumps over dead. Well, congrats, Bren, you killed your first alien. She’s in disbelief at the whole situation and stays frozen in the same spot until the next morning, still looking shell-shocked.

She double-checks to make extra certain that it’s still dead and throws a blanket over its corpse. She tries the phone again, but the line is now completely dead. The attack has left all the electricity permanently zapped in the house, also including her Subaru, to her chagrin. With no easy escape, she gets cleaned up and pushes a couch in front of the door hole to cover, well, some of it.

Bren pedals off on her bike and soon encounters a distressing sight: the mail truck from earlier, now overturned and smoking. There’s no sign of the driver whatsoever. As she continues towards town, we notice more and more of those circular patterns in the grass, seeming that there’s a lot more than one of these guys around. It hasn’t spread that far yet, as everyone in town is still going on with their lives as normal.

At the police station, she bumps into the couple from before, Mod’s parents. You can cut the tension with a knife, and Bren starts stammering to speak. She doesn’t even get the chance, a lady spitting right in her face before she gets a word out. Now we really get that whatever exactly happened to Mod, her parents at least blame Bren entirely for it and clearly have not forgiven her.

Bren tries to hold back the waterworks, tearing up while unlocking her bike. She can’t hold it back, and she breaks down in tears, seeing how raw that pain of losing Mod still is, 10 years later. Then, a potential hope drives right by in the form of a bus. Maybe she can get out of town before things get too nuts. Yet, as they begin to travel from above, we see there are many of the circle patterns, meaning the invasion is already a lot bigger than she realizes.

This proves true quite quickly. Hearing the mailman wheezing amongst the other passengers, he grabs her by the shoulder and grunts strange sounds into her ear. She shoves him away, and he crawls over the top of the seats. Another woman grabs at her leg, and the driver finally notices the commotion. He slams on the brakes, knocking the mailman on his ass, but it doesn’t slow him down much, cracking his spine and getting right back to his feet.

Bren bolts off the bus, with a dude following after. Making it to a private property line, we hear a creature, what almost sounds like humming, and it’s even slightly reminiscent of the song that Bren was dancing to. Maybe it’s a fan. She tries a local church, finding the doors locked. Jeez, thanks for the open arms, guys. She glances over to a graveyard nearby and pays a visit to her old pal Mod’s memorial.

The wind suddenly picks up, and monstrous storm clouds roll in. She attempts to outrun them, but it’s not possible, as they eventually cover the entire sky. At another house, she finds a bunch of people all standing together with their arms outstretched towards the cloud. They must be like the mailman and seeing some kind of creature crawl around in a guy’s throat. This must be what kind of zombifies the people and also turns them into part of the aliens’ hive mind kind of thing going on.

They all notice her creepily, turning all at once, and she splits, also seeing a classic saucer outline of their spaceship hiding in the clouds. She winds up back where she started and checks on her dead alien pal. He’s still there, and she’s overtaken by a foul smell. She notices a trail of slime emanating from its body and sees that it must have come from the alien’s mouth, no doubt the same thing also in the zombified humans.

She follows the slime trail but doesn’t find anything. The storm clouds are really raging now, and they converge right at her location. Knowing things are about to get real serious, she calms herself and looks more determined to stand her ground. She prepares all around the house, locking the shutters and getting pots of boiling water on anything that will help against the impending invasion.

When drawing the curtains, a white light starts to glow brightly outside, and when passing through in the loft, a spotlight whizzes by. When she comes downstairs, the nails start popping themselves off one by one from her blanket barrier. It bursts off, giving way to an overpowering light. The couch is tossed away, and a force lifts the alien’s body, levitating it right out the front door in a pretty bizarre-looking display.

The big beam goes out, and the orange searchlight returns. She makes it down to the basement just as another alien leaps down. The light follows her downstairs and comes back with much more intensity. The creature comes down, stopping right by her hiding spot. She sneaks to another spot, staying out of its sight, and grabs some scissors as it searches further. She moves under a table and knocks something off. Man, she’s clumsy.

Bren spins back, and the alien, now right there, force-pushes the table at her, disarming her with a flick of its wrist. It rises, cracking its bones, and notices she’s holding a picture of her and Mod. The alien attempts to pull it away, but Bren holds on. Despite her efforts, it manages to snatch it away, staring at it in befuddlement, as if trying to understand its significance while also learning about the human condition.

Bren rushes back upstairs, encountering another slightly different alien waiting for her, with longer arms and short legs, almost monkeyish. She bites into its little alien arm, and the creature pulls away, spitting out alien goo at her. Nursing its wound, Bren reaches the boiling pots, launching each one at the alien. It lunges at her with outstretched arms, and the super light is unleashed, sticking the pot to the wall.

Cautiously backing up into another room, the creature leaps onto the wall, tearing a door to shreds with vicious efficiency. Bren goes for the window, but it drags her back. Using a broom to keep it at bay, the alien angrily snaps, and she jabs it with the sharpened handle to ensure it’s dead. She pounds the door on its head for good measure. Bren is becoming adept at handling these alien monsters.

As she faces more weirdly shaped alien creatures, glowing eyes peek out over the roof, warbling a song. The alien, with long arms resembling a spider, chases her into the woods, where she encounters another old friend, the delivery dude. Overpowered, the delivery dude gestures to a silver disc cresting the horizon, and the long legs alien is pleased.

A tractor beam is launched, trapping the delivery dude inside and snapping his back. The ship disconnects into smaller pieces and flies away. Bren hurriedly escapes, and the creature pursues her, wreaking havoc in its path. Clumsy while trying to climb down her house, the creature comically slips upside down. Shrieking and attacking, it seeks refuge in Bren’s car, smashing right through it. Bren traps it inside one of its limbs, getting stuck in the floorboards. She uses a lighter to ignite the gas, setting the monster ablaze.

A big beam circles around the car, and the creature races after Bren until she gets back inside. The light passes, and the droning fades away. Yet, the guy from the basement is still there, tracking her to her room. Peering through a crack in the door, the alien scans the cluttered area, trying to comprehend the meaning of the display. Bren attempts to get the jump on it from behind, but the critter sees it coming, cracking a wrist and launching her right through the wall.

In another room, a red light finally captures her, trapping her in place. It flings her up to the ceiling, lets her go, and just before hitting the ground, turns on again. After playing with her a bit more, it pins her straight to the ceiling. The alien saunters up to her, making weird chittering, almost singing noises. Its eyes roll back, and it starts to gag, as if having a hairball. A small parcel is vomited out – a mass of tentacles that unwrap and go right for her mouth, forcing it open. She screams in bed in the morning, wondering if it really happened. Chuckling to herself in relief, she assumes it must have been a dream, as her house is all put back together, including her Tiny Village.

However, outside, someone calls for Mod. An obscured figure of Mod appears, bringing Bren to her knees in disbelief. She takes a seat next to Mod, stroking her hair and giving her a tearful apology. Things get shaky and distorted as Mod tells her sorry and begins screeching like the aliens. Bren reaches down Mod’s throat and yanks out the creature.

Back in reality, we see more about how the tentacle thing works. It attaches to the brain, sees everything, and creates its own realities based on memories to lock the host in a happy moment, leaving them zombified and under the alien’s control. AOW vibrating takes over, and the ship zips right back to Earth. The beam is turned on to retrieve the tentacle guy, and another shadow in the light takes on a familiar shape, creating a copy of Bren. The creature crawls into the Devil’s Mouth, standing there as Bren flees.

With nowhere to run, Bren sees numerous ships floating in the sky, continuing to show their strange fascination with her. In the woods, she encounters her own doppelganger, which stabs her in the gut. Cradling her in her arms, the doppelganger pushes her back and gets her in the neck with a box cutter. Bren falls to the ground, and her doppelganger takes herself in her arms, cradling her as she fades away.

Back to stumbling through the foggy trees, the warbling is heard, and Long Legs emerges from the mist, throwing its arms up and roaring. The light tunnel appears, whisking her on board the craft, into a massive dark chamber still trapped in the light tunnel. Several aliens surround her, reaching out their long fingers and tapping her on the forehead, intending to explore her mind and a pivotal moment.

In a black void with garble chatter, she appears back in her house, surprised to see her mom and younger self putting a little house together. The light beam freezes them in place, and Mod trots through. Outside, lights ebb between police car red and blue, freezing the cops and her Sheriff dad. Falling to the ground, she is brought to that moment with Mod, where the two girls are arguing, and Ma shoves her BFF to the ground. Older Bren shrieks for her to stop, but Lil Bren whacks her friend in the face with a rock, presumably killing her.

Back in the void, her younger self writes a letter to Mod, kicking off her routine that she continues to this day. Bren reaches out a hand to her younger self, and they lock eyes. The beam is back, and the longing gaze between them continues. Relief takes over Bren’s face, and the alien observers watch curiously from the sidelines. Tears stream down her face as Bren is returned to the main chamber, where the aliens chitter back and forth in discussion about what to do with her.

One starts chanting, and the noise emanates throughout the ship. They stare upwards with glowing eyes, and the ceiling starts rumbling. The light begins sucking up the aliens, and they croak at her. She falls back through the light, getting dumped right back where she was taken. Lights of various colors dance over her face, and she chuckles to herself, finally having some closure thanks to the aliens.

In sharp contrast to earlier, when she was getting ready in the mirror, Bren bears a genuine smile as she rides her bike. The happiness remains different from before. She hangs up a birdhouse, waves to other folks, and this time, they wave back. Still alien-zombified at a function in town, Bren finally gets to show off her dance moves, playfully switching partners with other dancers. Twinkle-toeing her way right up to the camera, she gives a big flourish with a smile.

The ships are still lingering in the sky, indicating that their invasion was a resounding success. In a weird way, things turned out, and probably the biggest question tying into everything else story-wise is why did the aliens let her go and live her life rather than becoming part of the enslaved masses. A lot of it seems to be the aliens finding Bren interesting. They aren’t just here to murder everyone, and at points, it seems like the various creatures are trying to understand Bren’s grief.

There aren’t many details about the alien society, but there seems to be some kind of faith driving their mission. The aliens don’t have grief in their society and don’t mourn their dead. They don’t even really have to die; they can just pop another tentacle dude in there. They lack bones, just like an empty shell to implant the thing into. With Bren, they are frustrated yet fascinated, trying to understand what her deal is.

It’s interesting to them that she feels so bad about what happened, and her grief is entirely foreign to them and their species. The aliens’ reaching toward the light seems like asking their own higher power how to proceed. They make the choice to allow her to go back to Earth unscathed, as they already took it over anyway. Bren might be meaningless to their grander planetary conquest, but the journey they sent her on had a fundamental impact on her and changed her.

Conclusion for No One Will Save You Ending Explained | No One Can Save You Explained :

The conclusion of “No One Will Save You” reveals that Bren is now a changed person, actually happy and willing to leave her home. She fits in better with the zombified folks in town, free from judgment. Although she may still enjoy her peculiar world, the real pain and grief seem to have lessened. The aliens inadvertently forced her to confront herself and her past, providing closure for her long-held guilt. The aliens’ impact on Bren’s life turns out to be profound, changing her perspective and allowing her to move forward.

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