The Gentlemen Netflix Ending Explained

The Gentlemen Netflix Ending Explained

The “The Gentlemen” TV series has just hit Netflix, and it’s a testament to Guy Ritchie’s signature style, featuring gangsters, backstabbing, blood, and an exaggerated story. If you enjoyed Ritchie’s film “Snatch” or the movie “The Gentlemen” released a few years ago, you’ll find this TV show to be a delightful extension of his work. With Theo James leading the cast and Kate Scot alio joining him, the series offers more time with the characters and deeper immersion into the world of gentlemen. Let’s delve into the ending of the show and unravel its intricacies.

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About The Gentlemen Netflix

Drama / SeriesThe Gentlemen
GenreCrime drama
Created byGuy Ritchie
Inspired by“The Gentlemen” by Guy Ritchie
Story byGuy Ritchie
Matthew Read
Starring / CastTheo James
Kaya Scodelario
Daniel Ings
Joely Richardson
Giancarlo Esposito
Vinnie Jones
Music byChristopher Benstead
Country of originUnited States
United Kingdom
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes8
Executive producersGuy Ritchie
Matthew Read
Ivan Atkinson
Bill Block
Marn Davies
Will Gould
Marc Helwig
Frith Tiplady
ProducerHugh Warren
Production companiesMoonage Pictures
Miramax Television
Original releaseNetflix
NetworkMarch 7, 2024 – present

The Gentlemen Ending Explained

The ending of the series revolves around a meticulously planned scheme that sets off a domino effect, leading to a surprising twist in the plot. Bobby Glass expresses his desire to sell his empire, setting a condition of offers above 50 million for consideration. He tasks Eddie and Susie with soliciting offers from various individuals, including Mercy, Henry Collins, Mr. Johnston, and Peter.

Despite Eddie’s initial reluctance to be involved in the criminal underworld, he finds himself drawn to it due to his proficiency in navigating that lifestyle. In a joint effort with Susie, they put forth a seemingly lower offer than the others. However, their plan involves turning each bidder against the other, ultimately leaving them as the only viable buyers.

The twist comes when it’s revealed that Bobby never intended to sell the empire. Instead, he wanted to gauge Eddie’s inclination towards the criminal lifestyle and if he was willing to be a part of it. This realization prompts Eddie to confront Henry Collins, seeking revenge for past grievances. The series culminates in a tense moment where Eddie is faced with the decision to pull the trigger on Henry, symbolizing his acceptance of the gangster life.

The final scene, set three months later, reveals Mr. Johnston incarcerated alongside Bobby Glass. It’s unveiled that Mr. Johnston orchestrated much of the chaos in an attempt to acquire the business. However, Eddie’s cunning tactics thwart his plans, leaving him defeated and imprisoned.

The Gentlemen Netflix Review

“The Gentlemen” TV series successfully captures Guy Ritchie’s signature style with its rapid pace, witty dialogue, and intricate plot twists. Theo James delivers a compelling performance as Eddie, while Kate Scot alio shines as Susie. The series boasts a predominantly British cast, adding authenticity to its portrayal of various underworld factions.

While the story maintains a brisk pace, some mid-season episodes feel disconnected from the main plotline. Additionally, certain subplots, such as Jeff’s paternity revelation, seem unnecessary and detract from the overall narrative flow. However, the series effectively explores Eddie’s journey of self-discovery and his eventual embrace of the gangster lifestyle.

In comparison to the film, the TV series serves as a worthy extension, capturing the essence of Ritchie’s previous works. While it may not surpass the film in terms of impact, it offers an engaging and entertaining viewing experience.


“The Gentlemen” Netflix ending leaves viewers with a satisfying conclusion, showcasing Eddie’s evolution from reluctant outsider to entrenched gangster. With its clever storytelling, stellar performances, and nods to Guy Ritchie’s cinematic style, the series proves to be a captivating addition to the crime genre. Whether there will be a second season remains uncertain, but the show’s immersive world and compelling characters leave audiences eager for more.

In summary, “The Gentlemen” TV series offers a thrilling ride through the criminal underworld, leaving viewers intrigued and entertained till the very end.

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FAQ’s For The Gentlemen Netflix Ending Explained

What can viewers expect from “The Gentlemen” TV series on Netflix?

“The Gentlemen” TV series embodies Guy Ritchie’s distinctive style, featuring gangsters, intricate plots, and witty dialogue, akin to his previous works like “Snatch” and “The Gentlemen” film.

Who are the lead actors in “The Gentlemen” TV series?

Theo James leads the cast as Eddie, with Kate Scot alio joining him as Susie, offering viewers more time with the characters and deeper immersion into the world of gentlemen.

How does the ending of “The Gentlemen” TV series unfold?

The ending revolves around a meticulously planned scheme orchestrated by Eddie and Susie, resulting in a surprising twist that exposes Bobby’s true intentions and prompts Eddie to confront his allegiance to the criminal lifestyle.

What is the significance of the final scene in “The Gentlemen” TV series?

The final scene depicts Mr. Johnston’s incarceration alongside Bobby Glass, revealing the consequences of Eddie’s cunning tactics and thwarting Mr. Johnston’s attempts to acquire the business.

How does “The Gentlemen” TV series compare to Guy Ritchie’s previous works?

While the TV series captures the essence of Ritchie’s style, some mid-season episodes feel disconnected, and certain subplots, like Jeff’s paternity revelation, appear unnecessary. However, it offers an engaging and entertaining viewing experience overall.

Will there be a second season of “The Gentlemen” TV series?

The possibility of a second season remains uncertain, but the immersive world and compelling characters leave audiences eager for more.

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